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"We see a lot of opportunity to grow the solar market and this accreditation will help us work together and make it a reality," says Nick Hylla, MREA executive director.
Criteria for Participation in IREC/ANSI Pilot Accreditation Program Based on IREC Standard 14732:2012 General Requirements for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Certificate Programs

Preference will be given to those applicants who:
  1. Hold IREC ISPQ Training Program Accreditation, or

  2. Have a training partnership with an existing Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) at the time of application. Training centers must demonstrate that they will provide weatherization training to workers that perform weatherization work with WAP funds, and must demonstrate this through a letter from a state or local agency that receives WAP funds, and must be submitted by that state or local agency to the DOE project officer for the State.
An additional consideration could be diversity of pilot participants, including geographic.

Candidates must provide evidence that the certificate awarding entity meets these requirements:

  1. Legal entity or part of legal entity.
    Acceptable evidence is a copy of your certificate of incorporation and by-laws.

  2. Published certificate program.
    Acceptable evidence is brochures, websites, etc. confirming that the certificate program submitted for accreditation are publicized.

  3. Elements of the systematic program plan.
    In the IREC Standard 14732:2012, General Requirements for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Certificate Programs, a systematic program plan is defined as �A documented process to create or revise educational programs, workshops, or courses (i.e., an instructional system) using the interrelated components of analysis, design, development, implementation, assessment, and evaluation.� Evidence that elements of such a plan exists is required

  4. Training has been conducted at least once.
    Evidence that all of the courses related to the certificate program(s) submitted for accreditation have been conducted and completed at least once is required, which includes the examination process and program evaluation at the time the accreditation application is submitted.

  5. A valid Job Task Analysis for the technology.
    Description and evidence that the certificate program is based on a current valid Job Task Analysis, that has been developed using generally accepted procedures and supported by documentation. The Job Task Analysis used for the certificate program should be provided.

  6. Connection with local Department of Labor.
    Written verification from the state or local jurisdiction department of labor, demonstrating the accredited program would be able to access workforce investment dollars for retraining/certification.

  7. Linkage with Industry.
    Description of linkage with employers in the energy efficiency or renewable energy industries. A description and verification of your program�s relationships with the industries relevant to your Job Task Analysis are required.

  8. Timeline.
Pilot participants selected will be asked to attest to their ability to adhere to the pilot timeline, as follows:

Pilot application released January 3, 2012
Closure of pilot application period January 17, 2012
Pilot participants notified of their selection February 2, 2012
Full applications due April 2, 2012
Document review/iteration with Assessors April 15 � May 15, 2012
Onsite assessments May 15 � July 2, 2012
Corrective action period July 2 � August 2, 2012
Participate in summit to provide feedback on pilot process Before August 30, 2012
Note: It is expected that the pilot participants selected will be as follows:

  • Three from the renewable energy sector
  • Seven from energy efficiency/weatherization sector

    Selection of pilot participants is at the sole discretion of the Interstate Renewable Energy Council and American National Standards Institute.

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