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Application Process

The ANSI Accreditation process consists of the following steps:

  1. Preliminary Application: Fill out form GHG-FR-703: Preliminary Application for ANAB Accreditation under ISO 14065.

  2. Application: Once an organization has been accepted as a preliminary applicant they will be invited to file GHG-FR-704: Application for Accreditation for GHG Validation/Verification Bodies.

  3. Desk Review: ANSI will conduct a desk review for all applications received. This is the review of the documentation received against ANSI's accreditation requirements as well as the relevant requirements of the GHG program/registry that the validation/verification body (V/VB) intends to participate in.

  4. Witness Assessment: ANSI will observe the V/VB in the performance of tasks related to the validation and/or verification process for the related scope (or group of sectoral scopes) of accreditation for which it has applied. The purpose of the witness assessment is to assess whether a V/VB is carrying out validation/verification (V/V) activities in line with its documented quality manual and validation/verification processes and procedures. In addition, the witness is to assess the V/VB's capability to conform to the applicable GHG program or registry requirements in which it intends to participate and also to assess the capacity of the V/VB's ability to perform validation/verification activities within the sectoral scope(s) applied for. Please review GHG-PR-706: ANAB GHG Validation and Verification Body Accreditation Scoping Policy to determine the required witness assessments for those scopes applied for.

  5. On-site Assessment: ANSI will conduct a two to three day assessment at the site of the applicant V/VB's main office(s). The purpose of this assessment is to confirm whether the operational capability of the V/VB meets the requirements that were provided in the application materials, conforms to ISO 14065, ISO 14064-3, and the relevant GHG programs/registries for which the applicant seeks accreditation. This assessment is to provide assurance that the V/VB has the capacity to perform the activities related to the scopes of accreditation for which it has applied. Only those sites of a V/VB where the on-site assessment took place shall receive the accreditation as an ANSI Accredited V/VB.

  6. Corrective Action: During the course of the ANSI assessment process, an applicant V/VB may receive notice of nonconformance with one or more requirements within the standard or the applicable GHG program or registry. It is the responsibility of the V/VB to correct these nonconforming areas in order to be considered for accreditation. The ANSI assessment team will work with the applicant body in the posting, review and closure of any nonconforming areas.

  7. Committee Review: Once the applicant has closed nonconformities to the satisfaction of the ANSI assessment team, the details of the assessment will be presented to the GHG Validation/Verification Accreditation Committee (GVAC) for deliberation and an ultimate decision on initial accreditation.

  8. Accreditation: Accreditation is granted by the GVAC and the accredited V/VB operates their program in accordance with ANSI requirements as well as the relevant GHG programs/registries in which it participates.

  9. Surveillance: Surveillance of accredited V/VBs provides confidence about the full implementation and effectiveness of the V/VBs system. Furthermore, regular surveillance intends to assure stakeholders of the quality of the services provided. Surveillance occurs every year annually at the date of initial accreditation.

  10. Reassessment: Reassessment occurs three years after the initial date of accreditation and includes assessment activities similar to those performed in the initial assessment.

    For a flow chat that describes the ANSI Accreditation process please click here.

    Please see the ANSI GHG Accreditation Program FAQs here.

Additional Information

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